Kia Ora and Bula Vinaka!

As you can surmise, we are a blend of cultures with Ray as Kiwi as they come (she's a mooloo girl from Hamilton) while Vili enjoys a mix of Fijian and Kiwi roots (his Dad hails from Tavea in Bua with Mum's hardy genes coming from the West Coast of the South Island).

We have four beautiful kids who have left the nest - Grace, Eroni, and twin girls Mikaela and Susana, from whom comes the acronym GEMS. Family is hugely important to us, and the name GEMS Seaside Lodge captures this sense of significance.  We sincerely hope that the GEMS Seaside Lodge will be a place where you can create a rich bank of memories with those you love.

Vili is a Paediatric doctor with a sub-specialty interest in Infectious Diseases. Whilst he loves the acronym "geRms" to describe his dear family, Ray didn't think that 'geRms Seasick Lodge' had quite the right ring to it. 

Ray is a former Physiotherapist-come-full time Mum (the most important job ever, says Vili). Her background includes experience in events management as well as school and rugby administration. Ray's passions include life coaching along with mental, emotional and spirtual wellbeing - vital pursuits indeed given the challenges of being married to Vili these past 25 years!

Anyway, we warmly welcome you to our wee slice of heaven in the Far North. Here you will find activity in abundance and unbelievable beauty to be discovered and enjoyed. Alternatively, there is sublime tranquility to be experienced firsthand, and an opportunity to rest, relax, and be refreshed in a stunningly beautiful part of the land they call God's Own. 

We welcome you once again to the Far North. And in the place of the 'sacred fire' (Ahi - fire, Para - a fern that was burnt for sacred purposes), may your soul and spirit be renewed, along with your body and mind.


Tena koutou!

Tena koutou!

Tena koutou katoa!

Introducing Doug & Pam Clarke

Doug and Pam Clarke are two amazing locals that we are blessed to have living in the main home, while we (Vili and Ray) work around NZ and the Pacific. If you have important questions such as, “where can I catch the best waves Dougie?”, or “how do I find shellfish?”, then please feel free to approach them. You will discover that they are absolute gems too!

Vili & Ray Sotutu

Mikaela, Grace, Eroni and Susana

Vili, Mikaela, Susana, Eroni, Ray and Grace